The Coquetry of Poetry

Soul Syllables

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Amal Kalita is a budding writer and the author of the book titled, "The Coquetry of Poetry - Soul Syllables". This is his debut book and his first published work in the domain of narrative poetry. The style of writing is very modern, off-beat and hybrid falling somewhere between prose and poetry. He incorporates a lot of story-telling elements attempting to string together real life experiences with the deepest of allegories. In a way, this work serves partially as a memoir of his post-university crossroads and the events that shaped his ideals and thought processes to take a road less sought after through life as a conscious creative and a writer. He presents his treatments of themes such as love, family dynamics, self realization, technology and emotions, growing up in a generous, middle class upbringing of the 90's India, and much more. Ultimately, this work is a dedication to the art of the written word. The author takes great pleasure in immersing himself in lyrical wordplay and draws a lot of inspiration from rap music. This work is an attempt to showcase this ethereal writing style of narrative poetry that is slowly starting to emerge within the landscapes of young and fresh India.


The author hails from the cozy north-eastern town of Shillong. At least, it used to be cozy till he was eighteen, after which he pursued his mechanical engineering from BITS Pilani, Pilani Campus. He has made up his mind thereafter to never live in a city and always keep absorbed in the transparent hum of a simple and creative life.

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The Coquetry of Poetry


A very unusual style of writing. As you read it, the words slowly grows in you and paints some vivid pictures in your mind.

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